Dry Ice Blasting for Mold Removal

Dry-Ice-page-picDry Ice Blasting removes 99% of mold spores from wood and is a process that is 80% faster than conventional chemical cleaning methods. Dry Ice Blasting does not leave chemical residues and is environmentally safe. Another benefit of Dry Ice Blasting is that it is a faster mold remediation method
Cold Jet Aero 40 Dry Ice Blasting Machine
Dry Ice Blasting
Vanguard uses the latest technology when it comes to mold remediation. One of the only companies in the Western Mass. area that uses dry ice blasting to remove mold. Dry ice is an eco-friendly and expedient process to remove mold and fungus from properties. Dry ice blasting does not leave chemical by products and is a faster and safer mold removal process. Dry ice blasting can get into tighter places that conventional removal processes can’t. Dry ice is an approved medium by the

Before and after pictures of mold remediated attic rafter

Before and after pictures of mold remediated attic rafter

EPA, USDA, & FDA, and is a non-toxic, non-hazardous and inhibits mold & bacteria growth.

Less time = Less cost

Environmentally safe
A more effective method than conventional chemical processes